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AQUA – the power of colour

AQUAThe elves have noticed a trend occurring in Elf HQ – AQUA. This gorgeous colour seems to have overtaken the rest and is our most popular colour for 2017. Being neither masculine nor feminine aqua is tickling the fancy of boys and girls all around Australia.

This trend is most notable in our range of Micro Scooters with our Aqua Mini and Maxi Scooters consistently scootin’ out the door. Currently, parents seem to be moving away from the “blue for boys and pink for girls” way of thinking, and this is reflected in an increased number of sales in aqua, purple and green.

Admittedly, the increased number of sales in aqua might be attributed to the release of the Disney film Frozen and increased popularity of mermaids. However, the consistent strength of aqua throughout the end of 2016 and the first four months of 2017, reflects more than just a generation obsessed with these two fads. Aqua, unlike like bold red or electric blue, is easy to coordinate with. As you see below anything from a pirate themed Nutcase Helmet to a pure floral design looks brilliant with aqua.

Aqua match

Our range of Aqua products extends further than just scooters with watches, games, ride ons, musical instruments and more. If you’re aqua obsessed, you have stumbled across the right website click here to have a look around!

Introducing the new Micro Deluxe range!

Micro Deluxe RangeMicro Scooters are one of our most popular treasures at Entropy Elf HQ, and with good reason. We don’t just love their quality, design and safety features; we also love that Micro are continuously working to improve their products, and are undoubtedly the best scooters in the market. Now, our favourite scooter brand has been officially reborn with the Deluxe range, which has seen the classics become even better! So, what has changed?  


It’s the same Swiss design and engineering we all know, but with some fantastically redesigned features we know all scooting-fanatics will simply love.

MINI MICRO DELUXE graphic blog copy

Deluxe Mini Micro

  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Unique silicon raised deck
  • Anodised stem protects from corrosion
  • Available in fresh new colours – Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple and Blue.

MAXI MICRO DELUXE graphic blog copy

 Deluxe Maxi Micro

  • Unique silicon raised deck
  • Anodised stem protects from corrosion
  • Maximum weight limit now 70kg
  • Available in fresh new colours – Pink, Black, Blue, Purple, Aqua, Green, Red and Yellow.

Watch the video below to see them in action!

But that’s not all…

maxi micro foldable

The Deluxe Maxi Micro also comes in a foldable version, making it the perfect travel companion – pop it in the boot or carry it under your arm! Available in Bright Coral and Light Blue.

What will you choose?

Discover our entire Micro Scooters range here.