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The Benefits of Bamboo Toys

Bamboo children’s toys are beautiful. They have a unique look and shine about them that set them apart from any other types of wooden toy. If you’ve ever wondered why it is, you’ll have a hard time guessing, as the answer is bamboo is not a wood but a grass!

Bamboo is relatively new to the Western world but has been utilised in Asia for loads of different purposes, including medicine, textiles transport and construction for over 7,000 years. Since emerging in the Western market, bamboo has made its way into loads of different industries including ours – children toys.

Here are some reasons why we love bamboo toys.

Unlike plastic toys, bamboo will not easily break meaning no dangerous or sharp edges.

Bamboo is stronger than wood, brick, concrete and steel. Therefore, bamboo toys are super durable and can be passed from child-to-child and generation-to-generation without looking like a relic.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet with some species capable of growing 4cm an hour! When harvested the root system remains undisturbed, and a plant can replenish itself within a year.

Bamboo is naturally pest-resistant and requires no chemicals and very little water to grow. The plant improves air quality by absorbing more carbon and releasing more oxygen than cotton or timber.

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable. While it’s not nice to think of the end of a toys life, it’s good to know that Mother Nature can do her thing with minimal impact on the environment when this time comes.

Plus, as mentioned before, it looks fantastic when polished!

One toy manufacturer that has been making the most of bamboo is Kinderfeets. Kinderfeets is an award-winning brand based in San Francisco that produces beautiful bamboo (and wooden) balance bikes, trikes, and balance boards.

The Kinderfeets Bamboo Kinderboard, Tiny Tot and Balance Bike are fantastic examples of what can be done with bamboo. They are mega attractive, stimulate children’s physical and cognitive development and have all the benefits of bamboo!

For obvious reasons, more bamboo products will be hitting our shelves in the coming year so keep an eye out!

Get Creative with Elf Johanna

Elf Johanna loves DjecoThis week we move the spotlight onto the newest member of the Entropy family – ME! Yes, it is Elf Johanna here… and I must admit it’s very strange to be writing in the first person. For those who I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting (digitally or face-to-face), I am the new(ish) Multi Media Writer and Content Creator.  I have the magical job of looking after our social media platforms, writing and designing the weekly emails, adding new products online and so, SO much more. Each day I am given many tasks, however, being asked to pick my favourite range has got to be the hardest task yet. It was with much consideration and toing and froing I finally settled on… *drum roll* DJECO!!!

Now while I am self-admittedly a very creative elf, my attention tends to waver at even the thought of glitter, sparkles or, embarrassingly, just a pretty array of colours. Therefore, when I first came into contact with the Djeco’s glitter boards and pictures, I knew I had found my victor. In my youth colouring and craft were my favourite pastimes, while my twin sister would lose interest, I was content sitting for hours with my Mum creating. If my craft activities were only half as wonderful as Djeco’s maybe some of my creations would have lasted the test of time. On second thought, probably not I don’t think my skills match my enthusiasm.

Maybe it’s because I am now an art teacher, but when I see a Djeco craft kit, I don’t imagine the final product. Instead, I see children and parents pulled together, crowded over a newspaper covered dinner table intensely discussing colours. I see young children barely able to enjoy their parties because all they can think about is that super cool craft activity they just got gifted. Or, I see the first Lilly pad leap into a lifetime love of art.

The feature I most love about Djeco’s craft kits is their variety. From painting silk scarfs to classic ink pad stamps, they have it all. How anyone leaves Entropy without a Djeco product is beyond me. Furthermore, how I have managed to resist the temptation to not buy the entire range baffles me further. If you haven’t perused the range for yourself, I highly recommend it – WARNING this could be potentially lethal for the weekly budget. I hope that you are in agreeance that Djeco is the most superior range that we stock; if not jump on social media and tell me why not! 😛