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Gender-neutral Doll Houses

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Since the 18th century boys and girls in countries across the world have been fascinated, delighted and entranced by dolls houses – so why are they all pink? Processions of love heart adorned doll houses have saturated the toy market for years on end. However, is this long-running reign soon to meet its demise?

Gender-neutral doll houses are slowly starting to penetrate the market and they are being met with open arms. These houses do much more than omit pink, purple and hearts. They include elements that aren’t normally seen in a traditional doll house. Barbeques, garages, and dog kennels are just the start of a long list of modern additions that are making their way into these more realistic miniature homes. So let’s discuss the benefits associated with doll houses.

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Doll houses do a brilliant job at engaging children’s imaginations and encouraging them to investigate the world around them. In the safety of their imagination, children explore dialogue and language that helps them develop emotional, social and intellectual skills.

During pretend play and role-play children gain and refine fundamental life skills. For example, when children open their pretend world to another they learn to share responsibility, take turns, and problems solve collaboratively. By pretending to be someone else (even if it is Batman), they learn to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’, which helps teach important moral development skills and empathy. On top of this, children build self-esteem when they discover they can be anything they want to be in their pretend world.

The amount of benefits that pretend and role-play has on children’s development is something that shouldn’t be underestimated or reserved for only one sex.  Hape’s All Season Deluxe Gender-neutral Wooden Doll House has just arrived here at Entropy, and it has been warmly welcomed by both the elves and our customers. This house is superbly made and entices both boys and girls with its multiple floors, quirky furniture and bright colours. Click here to inspect the doll house for yourself.