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Back to School With Micro

It’s back to school time, and what better way to start the year than trying to implement more active time? Why not scoot the school runs? There is a ride for every age group, including Mum and Dad.


The Mini Micro is the perfect ride for the youngest riders; as they are recommended from age 2. Not only are they fantastic for developing balance and motor skills, they are also a fun way of getting from Point A to Point B! They come in super funky colours, and there are accessories to make the ride even easier, including the Mini Micro Kick3 Seat (perfect for when they aren’t confident to ride standing up); and the Scoot & Pull, an attachment that will come in handy when your little ones have scooted themselves into exhaustion! Micro recently released the Mini Micro 3 in 1 which morphs and grows through three stages; it includes a seat, an O-bar and the standard T-bar.

micro preschool



Primary school aged riders are spoilt for choice – the Maxi Micro, Sprite or Mx Trixx are all fab choices for the school commute! The Maxi Micro is an older brother (or sister) to the Mini Micro, for those who need a larger and more robust scooter. It features a handle bar height of 68cm-92cm and a maximum load of 50kg. The Mx Trixx is a great stunt scooter for beginners, featuring shorter one piece bars, metal core wheels, a flex brake and a tough lightweight aluminium deck. Take it down to the park after school to practise your favourite tricks! The Sprite is a fantastic choice for everyday, as it is lightweight, has a folding mechanism and a handy kickstand.

micro primary

SECONDARYThe Sprite is also great for high school commuters, but if you’re a lover of speed, then you can’t go past the sleekness the Speed Plus scooter offers. It features denser high quality polyurethane wheels and a unique shock absorbing hubs design; it just glides over bumps! If you like the adrenalin of taking corners fast, then the Monster Bullet scooter is a great choice. It features a patented cutting edge design that tilts as you lean into the turn, enabling the rider to complete fast and tight carving turns – zoom zoom!

micro secondary


There is no shortage of cool rides for Mum and Dad – they can scoot the school run instead of being stuck in traffic! Our picks for the young-at-heart riders are the Suspension Adult Scooter and the White Scooter for big kids. The Suspension Scooter is great for heavier commutes, but still light enough to carry. The front and back patented suspension system work together to isolate the rider from shocks and vibrations. The White Scooter features huge 200mm wheels; which means maximum riding comfort for less effort. They are the fastest scooter that Micro produces, and are rated for loads up to 100kg. The low footplate minimises lean when scooting, which is kinder on your back.

micro adult

We hope this inspires you to get on that scooter for the school run – your body, mind and environment will thank you for it!

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