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This week’s top sellers!

The Elves always get asked “what’s really popular at the moment?”, so we know you want to know what everyone else is snapping up! We are going to share our top 10 best sellers in the lead up to Christmas, so that it hopefully makes your gift-buying decisions a little bit easier. Spot any favourites?

Here’s what has been flying out the door this week:

Top 10 Best Sellers1. Fat Brain Toy Co Balance Teeter Popper, $59.95 – The Teeter Popper is an award-winning toy and the funnest way to get your children active; they can rock, sit, stand, try to balance, roll, tilt, wobble and spin – they choose how to play.

2. Tiger Tribe Vintage Tea Set Scandi, was $34.95 now $14.95 – Tiger Tribe’s 15 piece vintage design tea set will ensure the loveliest tea parties be had for all, and with no broken plates! (It’s tin!).

3. Bilibo Free Play Toy, $44.95 – Bilibo is open for a wide range of interpretations and encourages children to invent their own games, to play and have fun in an active and creative way. Indoors and outdoors, the sand-pit, at the water or even in the snow.

4. Discovery Kids Bug Barn, was $39.95 now $29.95 – This kit is a great way to collect and observe common bug specimens especially for children who love the world of insects up close!

5. Plui Rainball Bath Toy, $19.95 – The Rain Cloud beautifully illustrates the cycle of water, and magically turns children into little rain makers. This smart bath toy works like a pipette and makes simple physics tangible and fun.

6. Quut Scoppi Beach Shovel, $29.95 –  The Scoppi comes with a detachable sand sifter that will double the fun while building wells, castles and forts. Its comfortable curved footrest is perfect for bare feet and its rounded handle ensures an easy grip.

7. Heebie Jeebies Polymer Snow Test Tube, $6.95ea – When water is added to polymer particles, they will absorb water molecules by osmosis and increase to 100x their original size… Feel the snow – it’s actually cold just like the real thing!

8. Smart Games IQ Puzzler, was $19.95 now $15.96 – Construct two and three dimensional pyramids with this brain twisting solitaire game. It is easy enough for children to play, but also provides a great challenge for adults.

9. Independence Studios Touchable Bubbles, $6.95 – A bubble making revolution! Bubbles that stay bubbles even when touched.

10. Le Toy Van Daisy Lane Bunny & Guinea Playset, $16.95 – This lovely play set will teach your little one all about caring for pets. It features a bunny and guinea pig housed in a delightful hutch, plus carrots and a water bowl.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? There are lots more ideas in our Christmas Catalogue 2015 and Christmas Gift Guides. Enjoy!

Don’t Miss Santa’s Sleigh – Christmas Delivery Deadlines

Christmas Delivery DeadlinesHere are Santa’s deadlines for online orders so they reach you in time for Christmas:


Monday December 21st  Orders under 5KG with StarTrack (non-signature or business addresses). We are taking orders until Tuesday, December 22 for Christmas, but delivery may not take place before the 25th. We will calculate the likely outcome and you can decide what you’d like to do.


Wednesday, December 9 – Road deliveries for WA and NT
Friday December 11 – Road deliveries for SA and TAS
Monday December 14 – Road deliveries NSW, ACT and VIC
Wednesday December 16 – Orders over 5KG for QLD

These cut-off dates allow us some leeway, and we are able to send after these dates, but cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas. Get organised now to avoid disappointment.

We are able to send after the cut-off dates provided and the dates supplied are based on time frames provided by our delivery partners. Once despatched we cannot control delivery, nor take responsibility for deliveries that may be delayed.

Tips to ensure your delivery is as speedy as possible:
* Opt for non-signature delivery or have your order sent to a business address
* Give clear instructions where your order can be left if you’re not home
* Monitor the progress of your order via the supplied tracking number
* Wait no longer than a day to contact us if your order has not arrived within the delivery timeframe. The sooner we know, the more success we are likely to have.

To discuss your delivery options, please call us on 07 4724 4555.

Top 10 Christmas Toys Predictions

With The Best Day of The Year a mere 5 weeks away, the Elves thought we would put together our predictions of 2015’s Top Christmas Toys! Each of these have been selling really well, so no doubt some lucky little ones will be unwrapping them come Christmas morning. 

Top 10 Christmas Toys Predictions


1. Teeter Popper Balance Toy, $59.95. This fun toy is always on high demand, and it’s no surprise why. Little ones can get active without realising – they can rock, sit, stand, try to balance, wobble – they choose how to play. It helps improve core strength and stability, balance, coordination and gross-motor skills. Plus, the 14 suction cups make a cool popping sound that will make children want to keep moving!

2. Bilibo Free Play Toy, $44.95. This award-winning toy is one of our best sellers! Bilibo can be left to the interpretation of children – they can invent their own games, indoors and outdoors, use it in the sand-pit or even in the snow. All you need is to let your imagination fly!

3. Fat Brain Toy Co Tobbles Neo Stacking Toy, $49.95. A colourful set of stacking blocks that is like no other – little ones can stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt… the list goes on! The uniquely designed spheres offer hours of endless engagement. They feature a grippable texture to make them easy to hold onto and are fantastic for developing coordination, fine motor skills and visual spatial acuity.

4. I’m Toy Melody Mix, $99.95. 10 instruments in one – very convenient! Children will love to make their own tunes with a xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, a pair of rhythm sticks plus two strikers and one scaper. No doubt this will keep your little maestro very busy!

5. Quack Pogo Ball Saturn Hoppit, $29.95. A blast from the past! This 60s wonder, also known as a pogo ball, has made a come-back. It features a foot-board and super grip ball, which make balancing and hopping around very easy and fun.

6. Microscooters Mini Micro Blue, $139. The perfect first scooter for children. They are great for developing balance, coordination and motor skills, and are designed for younger children with low ground clearance in case of a fall.

7. Le Toy Van Cherry Tree Hall Doll House, was $359 now $299. A favourite among the doll lovers, Cherry Tree Hall is the largest doll house Le Toy Van have ever produced! The 92cm high, four story doll’s house with floral motif is sure to be loved for many years. The internal walls of each room are decorated differently to define room space. Cherry Tree Hall features numerous window styles including functioning shutters and back windows to allow light to shine through.

8. Tiger Tribe Scandi Vintage Tea Set, was $34.95 now $14.95. This gorgeous tea set is a must have for those who enjoy a tea party or two with their favourite teddies or dolls! Complete with 15 pieces, this tin set ensures no broken plates will be had. Plus, at the current discounted price, it’s an absolute steal (available until Christmas Day, 2015).

9. Wishbone Bike 3-in-1, $279. This fabulous bike grows with your little one – watch it go from a trike, to a balance bike then finally to a high-standing bike. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to getting the most out of a ride-on, made with super high quality materials.

10. Tiger Tribe Mini Patternation, $19.95. Inspired by mosaic and patchwork designs, this colourful set will invite little designers to use their creativity to make their very own shapes and patterns over and over again. It comes with a magnetised board and 32 magnetised tiles.

We hope this list inspires those of you who are feeling a little bit overwhelmed – we do have over 4,000 treasures after all! Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Catalogue, or try out our every-so-helpful Gift Finder.

Stepping back in time

Our Chief Poobah was recently holidaying with her family in Far North Queensland and spent some time at Herberton Historical Village. This outdoor museum pays homage to Australia’s pioneering mining past and the owners (with the help of the local community) have lovingly restored many original buildings from the town dating from 1880 onwards.

Of course the first exhibit the Chief Poobah visited had to be the Toy Shop. Memories from a different time were on display; from cars, board games to dolls and prams. She put together this photographic comparison of the historic toys, next to their modern day equivalents. Classic toys that have stood the test of time that we still stock today at Entropy. We think she did a fabulous job; though her photographic skills show us just how important good manufacturer’s images are these days!


Pound a Peg

A classic wooden toy that is still a favourite today. The design of it really has not changed that much compared to the Melissa & Doug one we sell today.

Pound a Peg


Mallet – check; wooden hoops – check, ball – check. Heaps of backyard fun – double check. The same fun today as there would have been two generations ago. We do love the bright colours of the modern version from Hape though!


Cash Register

Money Money Money! Not sure what era this cash register dates back to, but it looks kind of 1970s (might be giving the Chief Poobah’s age away there). Naturally there was a wad full of play money as well, just like our modern day version from Le Toy Van.

Cash Register

Chinese Checkers

We think this toy is the one that has changed the least over the generations. The classic game of Chinese Checkers looks almost identical some 50 years later.

Chinese Checkers

Wooden Abacus

These wooden classics were used to teach children first numeracy concepts. They are still very popular today (ours is from Melissa & Doug), and the design is still pretty similar.

Wooden Abacus

Wooden ABC Blocks

These are a playroom favourite – use them for stacking, teaching colours and letters and building. It looks like these ones have embossed letters, just like the ones we currently stock from Melissa & Doug.

Wooden ABC Blocks

Kitchen Role Play Mixer

Even back in the 70s children wanted to create their own kitchen masterpieces using a play mixing set.  We love the neutral colourway of the classic version, and the modern version from Le Toy Van also has this feature.

Kitchen Role Play Mixer

Wooden toy piano

The first introduction to sharps and flats looks quite similar across the generations doesn’t it? Our toy version is from Schoenut.

Toy Piano


A ring of stiff rope coiled with a string that you toss at a staked target. The most noticeable change here is that the modern version has nylon rope. Other than that, this backyard beauty stands the test of time.


Wooden Tractor

We can’t get over how similar these two wooden tractors are. It looks like the original one is handmade, just like our modern tractor from Fagus.

Wooden Tractor

Dump truck

You can just imagine children in the sandpit having fun with these sturdy metal tip trucks. Our more streamlined truck from Kid O looks like it might be slightly lighter to carry.

Dump Truck

Tin Plane

Tin Toys were really popular in days gone by. These days they are mostly sold as collector’s pieces as older connoisseurs reminisce. Our version is from Schylling who produce a number of retro tin toys.

Tin Plane

Pedal Car

What classic toy collection would be complete without a pedal car? These days we sell many of our Johnco pedal cars as photo props and bedroom accessories, but they really are functional and will be happy in the back yard as well.

Pedal Car


We hope you enjoyed taking a trip down toy memory lane!

Corporate Christmas Party Gift Service

Xmas PresentsAre you in charge of the office Christmas party and been given the task of organising the gifts for children? The Elves at Entropy would love to make your life easier by doing this for you. Simply drop us an email and tell us the following:

  • Price range of the gifts (for example $20-$25, $20 average)
  • Number of children
  • Age, gender and first name of each child
  • If you know something about the child you can add this (outdoorsy, likes craft)

The elves will pick out one of our most popular products that meet the criteria. We will gift wrap it in Christmas paper and add a handwritten gift tag with the child’s name. We will then let you know the total of the order; and of course you’ll only pay for the actual products – all the rest we will do for free.

We can also provide this service for child care centres, kindergartens, play groups or any other groups.

Let us make Christmas a breeze – call us on 07 47244555 or email on and we’ll look after the rest!