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Toys to inspire future professionals!

There is so much more to the toys our little ones play with than meets the eye. Many of today’s professionals have taken inspiration from childhood memories of their favourite toys to guide their career paths, including chefs, architects, emergency services, and many more! So, the Elves wanted to share some of their top picks to inspire the future generation of professionals across a range of careers.

For the future chef…

prod_15319Santoys Kitchen Role Play Wooden Stove, $169

prod_8586Fun Factory Wooden Play Food Set, $24.95

prod_9436HABA Wooden Vegetable Play Food Set, $39.95

For the future engineer…

 bt001.3_d894665a-cf2f-44f3-9dda-f3bb197da09e_grandeGoldieBlox The Spinning Machine Construction Set, $49.95

prod_14911HABA Master Builder Blocks Pisa, was $109, now $79.95

eng1820_1_webEngino Inventor Basic 18 Models with Motor, $89.95

For the handyman…

prod_16400Janod Bricolo Construction Tool Box, $69.95

prod_11320Janod Work Bench and Tools, was $199 now $169

prod_18217I’m Toy Tool Activity Work Bench, was $79.95 now $69.95

For the future emergency services superstar…

ij03_freddie_fire_engine_7_Indigo Jam Wooden Fire Engine, $79.95

prod_9504Kidz Labs Detective Fingerprint Kit, $24.95

police_carAutomoblox Wooden S9 Police Car, $59.95

For the future health professional…

 prod_14382Janod Body Magnet Puzzle, $59.95

prod_17460Heebie Jeebies Stethoscope, $19.95

prod_14811Seedling Junior Doctor Kit, was $54.95 now $44.95

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