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Opening hours during the festive season!

It’s almost time – Christmas is just two sleeps away and we couldn’t be more excited! The Elves are taking a much needed break after what’s been an incredibly busy (but great) year! We want to thank all of your wonderful customers for being fabulous and shopping with us – you rock!

small xmas

Hyde Park Store, Townsville

Thursday, December 25 – closed
Friday, December 26 – closed
Saturday, December 27 – closed
Sunday, December 28 – closed
Monday, December 29 – closed
Tuesday, December 30 – closed
Wednesday, December 31 – closed
Thursday, January 1 – closed
Friday, January 2 – open
Online Store,

Thursday, December 25 – no deliveries
Friday, December 26 – no deliveries
Saturday, December 27 – no deliveries
Sunday, December 28 – no deliveries
Monday, December 29 – usual dispatch*
Tuesday, December 30 – usual dispatch*
Wednesday, December 31 – usual dispatch*
Thursday, January 1 – no deliveries
Friday, January 2 – usual dispatch
* Please note these are limited hours only.
Hours then resume as normal (9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday for the retail store and Monday to Friday for processing orders for the online store).
Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 🙂

The Entropy Elves x

The Entropy Christmas Guide: Wooden Wonders

There’s nothing quite like the smell, feel, and durability of wood. It’s something every child should experience during play time! At Entropy we are all about the traditional wooden wonders, so it’s only natural to want to share some of our very favourites. Here are some very special toys that will last for years and years. Enjoy!

Wooden Wonders

  1. Quadrilla –  Whirlpool Marble Run, $99.95
  2. HABA Ball Track Marble Run, $229
  3. HABA Building Blocks XL Set 102, $219
  4. Beyond 123 Playable Art Ball, $54.95
  5. Indigo Jamm Wooden Camper Van, $69.95
  6. I’m Toy Sort & Count City, $39.95
  7. Mamagenious Activity Lock Box, $74.95
  8. Pintoy Car Transporter, $89.95
  9. HABA Pegging Game, $69.95
  10. I’m Toy Cow Shape Sorter, $29.95
  11. Hape Push Pal Butterfly, $29.95
  12. HABA Cordoba Blocks, $99.95
  13. Janod Squirrel Track, $74.95
  14. Grimm’s Hearts Building Blocks, $69.95
  15. Janod Iwood Hedgehog Puzzle, $39.95
  16. Grimm’s Rainbow Elements Stacker, $129.

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The Entropy Christmas Guide: Creative Types

Who doesn’t love to get creative from time to time? We know some children prefer other types of play, but we’re almost convinced they could be swayed to get creative with these fun picks. We’ve selected something for different interests, such as knitting kits, crafts, painting, colouring in, kinetic sand, and lots more! The best part is most kits come with everything that is needed to unleash your inner-creative.

Creative Types

  1. Sands Alive Starter Set, $34.95
  2. Djeco Foil Fireflies Craft Kit, $24.95
  3. Apples to Pears Flower Fairy in a Tin, $24.95
  4. Seedling Create Your Own Dragon, $29.95
  5. Mould & Paint Sea Life Craft Kit, $19.95
  6. Djeco Foil Dragon Guild Craft Kit, $24.95
  7. HABA Flowers Creative Workshop, $39.95
  8. Fat Brain Squigz Construction Toy, $49.95
  9. Seedling Piñata Kit, $44.95
  10. Micador 40-Piece Art Tool Box, $19.95
  11. Little Experience Knit Baby Mice Kit, $24.95
  12. Seedling Make Your Own Tutu, $64.95
  13. Djeco Nymphea Water Lily Craft Kit, $32.95
  14. Doodleart Butterflies Poster, $29.95
  15. Djeco Coloured Sand Craft Kit, $24.95
  16. Seedling Snow Globe Kit, $29.95.

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The Entropy Christmas Guide: Backyard Beauties

Take it outside this festive season and soak up the summer sun – whether it be in your own backyard, at the beach, or at your local park, these beauties will get you moving, exploring and having fun with your family!

Backyard Beauties

  1. Johnco Foam Cricket Set, $39.95
  2. HABA Sand Bucket Scooter, $39.95
  3. Janod Boules in a Basket, $49.95
  4. Janod –  Ladybird Garden Play Set, $39.95
  5. Windspeed Monarch Butterfly, $34.95
  6. Janod Wooden Skittles Set, $59.95
  7. Quut Ballo Beach Bucket, $24.95
  8. Word Alive Jungle Ants Habitat, $34.95
  9. Santoys Croquet Game, $69.95
  10. Backyard Games Backyard Tennis, $49.95
  11. HABA Block and Tackle Pulley System, $139
  12. Windspeed Bocce Ball Game, $9.95
  13. Moulin Roty Botanist Case, $99.95
  14. Mookie Reflex Soccer Ball Swing, $49.95
  15. Discovery Kids FM Walkie Talkies, was $69.95 now $52.46
  16. nic-nac Large Teepee, $169.

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The Entropy Christmas Guide: Timeless Toys

There are toys that simply transcend time. They’re the kind that can be passed down from generation to generation, and children of different ages and interests will still find them relevant and fun. We’ve put together 16 of our timeless treasures, that will be loved by children for many years to come.

Timeless Toys

  1. Janod –  Caramel Rocking Horse, $189
  2. Spinning Top Silly Circus, $29.95
  3. Grimm’s Wooden Flower Stacker, $59.95
  4. Schylling Jack in the Box Jester, $34.95
  5. Grimm’s Circle Spiral Mandala Puzzle, $179
  6. Petitcollin Marie Francoise Doll, $189
  7. Playforever Midi Buck, $59.95
  8. Goki Tin Kaleidoscope, $14.95
  9. Moulin Roty Cinema Box Set, $49.95
  10. Hoberman Original Sphere, $49.95
  11. Melissa & Doug Classic Abacus, $34.95
  12. Fish River Crafts Pinocchio, $79.95
  13. Wooden Story Natural Stacking Toy, $79.95
  14. Apples to Pears Tea Party in a Tin, $24.95
  15. Fagus Wooden Tractor, $89.95
  16. Grimm’s Four Elements Puzzle, $199.

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The Entropy Christmas Gift Guide: Secret Santa!

Oh Secret Santa… some love it, some dread it. Either way – don’t be sour and participate! It’s nice to get involved with your colleagues and get each other funny/strange/cool items (isn’t that the norm?) and have a laugh. We’ve collated our top choices for the deed, bound to make you a very popular Secret Santa.

Secret Santa

  1. IS Light Up Christmas Tree, $9.95
  2. Doodletop Spinning Top that Draws, $4.95
  3. Seedling Whoopee Cushion, $6.95
  4. Heebie Jeebies Egg Head Garden Plant, $9.95
  5. IS Touchable Bubles, $4.95
  6. Kikkerland Katita Wind Up Toy, $19.95
  7. Kikkerland Bird Bath Whistle, $4.95
  8. IS Frosty the Melting Snowman, $14.95
  9. Djeco Origami Animals Kit, $12.95
  10. Quack Classic Rubber Duck, $5.95
  11. Janod Cow Moo Noise Maker, $9.95
  12. Folkmanis Puppet Mini Winged Piglet, $12.95
  13. Quack Finger Eye Puppet, $2.95
  14. nic-nac Water Marbles, $4.95
  15. Lil’ Dude Pint Sized Plant, $9.95
  16. IS Miniature Alarm Clock, $12.95.

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What every new parent needs to know…

New to the world of parenthood? Feeling lost and confused? It doesn’t help that you have probably heard countless horror stories from friends and relatives about the endless crying and sleepless nights. Don’t fret – whilst those are very common feelings amongst new parents, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t have to be this way. According to psychologist and mother of three Nicole Pierotti, most books about early parenthood are confusing and contradict each other – no wonder parents feel perplexed when it comes to taking care of their little ones.


This inconsistency was what drove Nicole to distil more than 15 years of research and experience into Baby Care – an easy guide book armed with the knowledge and tools required to make your first few months of parenthood a breeze. She also started to run workshops to help parents, and eventually launched BabySmiles – a website full of information, sleeping plans, and lots more. Both the book and the DVD – a companion to the book – have arrived at Entropy Elf HQ, so we caught up with Nicole herself to ask her a few questions and learn more about these wonderful resources.

What lead you to producing your own book and DVD?

My book grew out of deciding to revise my notes for my pre-baby workshop that I do personally for expectant parents.  The DVD was the taping of one of these workshops with a couple, and edited to use in conjunction with the book for parents who lived elsewhere in Australia or in outback Australia, as parents were travelling 6 or 7 hours just to come in and do the workshop.

babycare book 1

What is the one thing, in your experience, that new parents are most confused about when it comes to looking after a newborn?

Parents are so focused on birth and labour when pregnant; it isn’t until they have their baby and leave hospital, that they often realize that they really don’t know what to do. Then they start to read and find the information available very confusing and conflicting – there is no clear direction as to what is best for their baby. Another thing that parents don’t realise, is that their baby will just sleep when needed, and an overtired baby is so much harder to get to sleep.

What are people most surprised/thankful to learn after reading your book?

How simple I have tried to keep the strategies and the routines.  They’re surprised to learn that it really isn’t as complicated as other baby experts make it out to be, and how much common sense there is involved; however, it’s not until someone actually teaches you that you realize!

Babycare DVD 1

What are your top 3 tips for new parents, and your top 3 tips for looking after a newborn?

Oh… only 3!!! OK – for parents:

  1. Have a simple and realistic routine that has guidelines, rather than planned and timed intervals to the minute. 6am to 6pm is a baby’s day.
  2. Learn to read your baby’s signs of tiredness.
  3. What’s your baby’s sleep checklist?  Make sure it doesn’t involve you doing something; they need to learn to fall asleep by themselves so that they can keep sleeping as long as they need rather than waking when you slip away.

For baby:

  1. Babies cry – yes they do! They will not break.
  2. Avoid snack feeding and cat napping; make sure they have a good feed every few hours, not hourly. This way they can sleep for as long as they need too without becoming hungry too quickly.
  3. Learn about ‘happy awake time’; when they become ‘scratchy’ you need to get your baby organized for sleep and not wait too long.

logo new copy

What’s next for you and BabyCare/BabySmiles? 

My aim is to have a series of books for the early years of parenting.  I am currently finishing my second book, which is for toddlers on toilet training ­- a step-by-step how-to guide, which should be on the shelves in January. Recently we have also launched online sleep plans, where parents can tell us what is happening in their family and where they would like to be, and they can receive a personalized sleep plan with strategies on how to help their baby/child. We have also added email support for sleep or parenting issues, so parents can access this without having to get their baby or toddler in the car and physically get to an appointment.  This has been popular with parents and is easy for them to access anytime!

If you would like to learn more about BabySmiles and their services, please visit

Entropy’s bestselling Stocking Stuffers

Ahhh, the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning and – in the dawn light – fixing your eyes upon that bulging Christmas stocking hanging on the door. Santa’s come! Remember excitedly peeling open the individually wrapped treasures and then playing with them till Mum and Dad woke up (OK, we can all hope!)?

Today we shine the spotlight on our Top 10 Bestselling Stocking Stuffers this week. Each has an entertainment value that stretches well beyond Christmas morning:

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

  1. Nic-Nac Water Marbles, $4.95: These dehydrated beads grow up to 150 times when immersed in water. Great for developing fine motor skills and can be used for colour sorting, counting, water play, sensory play, in the bath, in science experiments, whatever you can think of!
  2. Discovery Kids Binoculars 4×30, was $19.95, now $14.96: These lightweight and compact binoculars have 4x magnification so they’re ideal for taking on your next exploration.
  3. Fun Factory Flower Press, was $14.95, now $9.95: This easy to use flower press is a cool stocking stuffer for a green thumb. Preserve the flowers from the garden, or use them in craft projects.
  4. Kid O Bird Whistle, $6.95: Chirp a tune with this colourful bird whistle that will please every young bird watcher. A nice wake-up call on Christmas Day!
  5. Seedling Magic Butterflies, $3.95: Use an elastic band to wind-up the tension on this magic butterfly, then slip her into a book or card and watch her flutter out – much to everyone’s surprise!
  6. Kaper Kidz Christmas Stamps, $3.95 (each): A fantastic and easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your drawings, letters, invitations and cards.
  7. Discovery Kids Explorer Telescope, was $19.95, now $14.96: A great start for young astronomers and explorers, this lightweight telescope has 15x magnification.
  8. Fiesta Crafts Princess Puppet Craft, was $12.95, now $4.95: This nicely-packaged kit has all the materials you need to make two princesses. Get busy making this royal duo then play with your creations.
  9. Triqo 3D Construction Starter Set, was $24.95, now $12.95: A construction toy for ages five and up; there are just two forms in this intriguing set (a triangle and a square), but you can create an endless number of constructions with them.
  10. Nic-Nac Christmas Water Marbles Reindeer Fuel, $4.95: Working the same way as regular water marbles, these ones feature the festive colours of red, green and white. Put them out on the table at your next gathering and we promise that you won’t be able to keep your hands out of the bowl!

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? There are lots more ideas in our Christmas Gift Guide 2014 and our Christmas Catalogue 2014. Sooooo many ideas!

The ultimate gift list: our HOTTEST items for Christmas!

This weekend – Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th, are expected to be the biggest and busiest online shopping days in Australia. Why battle with crowds trying to get your shopping sorted, when you can shop online, from the comfort of your own couch, and have your gifts wrapped and delivered to your doorstep? Christmas gift shopping couldn’t have been made easier – just leave it all up to the trusty Elves!

We know toy shopping can be very overwhelming and a lot of people still find that they can’t decide on what treasures to add to their carts. But, do not despair – the Elves have collated the ULTIMATE Christmas gifts hot list to help you get your shopping sorted! Below you will find our most popular, best-selling items. They’re the best of the best, for good reason! You can click on each product to be taken to it and have a read of our descriptions. Let’s get started…

Best Selling Baby Toy

Fat Brain Toy Co Tobbles Stacking Toy Neo

Fat Brain Toy Co – Tobbles Stacking Toy Neo, was $49.95 now $39.95

Most Popular Ride-On

Mini Micro AquaMicro – Mini Micro Scooter in Aqua, $129

Mini Micro PinkMicro – Mini Micro Scooter in Pink, $129

Best Selling Musical Toy

Im Toy Melody MixI’m Toy – Melody Mix, was $99.95 now $89.95

Most Popular Role Play Toy

le toy van honeybake chococcino machineLe Toy Van – Chococcino Machine, $49.95

Most Popular Outdoors Toys

Quut Beach Range

Quut ScoppiQuut – Scoppi Beach Shovel & Sifter, $29.95

Quut BalloQuut – Ballo Beach Bucket, $24.95

Quut TripletQuut – Triplet 3 in 1 Beach Toy, $14.95

Best Selling Science Kit

4M Volcano Making Science KitKidz Labs – Volcano Making Kit, was $24.95 now $19.95

Most Popular Construction Toy

Wonderworld Rainbow Sound BlocksWonderworld – Rainbow Sound Blocks, $59.95

Best Selling Game

Orchard Toys Shopping ListOrchard Toys – Shopping List Game, was $34.95 now $26.21

Most Popular Puzzle

Djeco Discovery Puzzles Range

Djeco Puzzle Discovery AnimalsDjeco – Discovery Puzzle Animal, $34.95

Djeco Discovery 1001 nightsDjeco – Discovery Puzzle 1001 Nights, $29.95

Most Popular Stocking Stuffer

Goki Balloon HelicopterGoki – Balloon Helicopter, $2.95


We doubt you’ll be stuck for gift ideas, but just in case, The Elves have prepared a wide range of resources to help you out!

Check out our Christmas Catalogue, Gift Guide and try out our Gift Finder on our website –

The Entropy Christmas Guide: Cool Rides!

Ride in style and improve mobility these holidays (and in years to come) with these amazing ride-on toys!

Cool Rides

  1. Wishbone Red Bike, $289
  2. Microscooters G Bike, $139
  3. Nutcase Helmet Little Nutty Speed Star, $99.95
  4. Microscooters Maxi Micro T Bar, $189
  5. Indigo Jamm Wooden Scooter, $129
  6. Hape Little Red Rider, $129
  7. Speedster Metal Car, $169
  8. Wheely Bug Panda Plush Ride-On, $119
  9. IS Hop Along Rudolph Bouncer, $24.95
  10. Wishbone Flip Ride-On Rocker, $159
  11. Microscooters Mini Micro Sporty, $139
  12. Fat Brain Chalktrail for Scooters, $34.95
  13. Wishbone 3-in-1 Wagon, $359
  14. Janod Dog Walking Cart, $119
  15. Speedster Fire Engine Pedal Car, $399
  16. Janod Bikloon Trike, $129.

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