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Let the Games begin!

The time has arrived for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow; a spectacular event that will see 6,500 athletes and officials from 71 countries compete in 17 sports over 11 days until it all wraps up on August 3, 2014.

Why are the Elves so excited? Well, not only does the Commonwealth Games combine everything from the high adrenaline of track events to the grace and beauty of gymnastics and precision of lawn bowls; but it also provides a wonderful opportunity for families to get active at home. And – as you know – we are all about getting moving!

There’s nothing more inspiring than watching some of our best athletes excel at their sports, but you don’t need to be an athlete to embrace the spirit of the Games. In fact, we have come-up with suggestions below as to how you can work a bit of the Games magic into your play times.

Commonwealth Games toys at Entropy toy store

  1. ARCHERY: Seedling Design My Own Bow & Arrow, $29.95
  2. GYMNASTICS: Janod Yoga Game ABC, $39.95
  3. TENNIS: Backyard Tennis Set, $49.95
  4. DIVING: Cactus Watch 100m Water Resistant, $49.95
  5. ATHLETICS: Heebie Jeebies UV Colour Change Shoelaces Dinosaur, $6.95
  6. SAILING: Goki Mini Sailing Boat, $3.95 each
  7. SWIMMING: Sink or Swim Game, $26.95
  8. TEN PIN BOWLING: Fun Factory Bowling Friends Game, $14.95
  9. CYCLING ROAD: Fat Brain Toys Co Chalktrail for Bikes, $34.95
  10. BASKETBALL: Apples to Pears Basketball in a Tin, $24.95
  11. JUDO: Quack Knock-a-Ninja, $29.95
  12. CYCLING – TRACK: Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike Recycled Edition, $279
  13. SHOOTING: Papo Figurine Pirate Wooden Leg with Gun, $10.95
  14. SOFTBALL: Jungly Tails Boing Ball, $19.95

For more great toys that get you active mentally and physically, see; including our Outdoor Toys category.

Step into the kingdom of Schleich

Schleich is a wonderful German brand that is responsible for the creation of thousands of super realistic hand-painted figurines. The Entropy Elves caught up with Schleich’s head of business development and product management, David Albert, who is based at Schleich HQ in Germany, to find out more about this iconic toy.

The animal figurines have been in production since the 1980s; what were the very first ones? In 1935 Schleich started with wire figures and the first Schleich figurines were the Smurfs. The first animal figurines were farm animals and horses.

Schleich animals of the world

How do you decide what new Wild Life and Farm Life animals to introduce? We are always trying to introduce animals that have never been produced in the past and, of course, we want to provide our customers with a fresh and exciting assortment.

Schleich – Farm Life Drake 13824

NEW Schleich – Farm Life Drake 13824

Schleich - Wild Life Black Panther 14774

NEW Schleich – Wild Life Black Panther 14774

How do you ensure that each Schleich figurine looks as life-like as possible?

      1. We work very closely with research institutes and universities to make sure that every figurine looks as realistic as possible.
      2. We do the complete process in-house — each toy is precision-engineered by a German master craftsman who works on a wax mould for up to six weeks for the finest detail. After injection moulding and finishing, the figurines are all decorated by hand.
      3. Schleich also has a very exact quality control program which also guarantees the highest quality.

Do you have any personal favourites? I definitely love the male elephant. It looks so impressive with its huge tusks.

Schleich Asian Elephant Male

What do you think people love the most about Schleich? The quality of the figurines and their very realistic look and feel.

Besides fun; what other benefits does playing with Schleich figurines have for children? The educational value is quite high while playing with Schleich figurines. All of our Farm and Wild Life animals exist in real life and they have the same proportions and colour as the real ones. With fun and exciting play concepts, Schleich encourages imaginative play and a child’s creativity.


What’s something that may surprise people about Schleich? Every figurine is hand-painted meaning each figurine is unique. An Elf figurine, for example, takes 100 steps to get painted. This means that each figurine looks a bit different than the one right next to it.

Elf Wedding

Are there any nice stories from over the years about children and their Schleich figurines that have particularly stuck in your head? We receive lots of letters from all over the world from children telling us about their animals and favourites. Schleich has dedicated staff members who answer the letters.

Schleich T-Rex arriving at Schleich HQ

The latest team member at Schleich HQ in Germany

How common is it for adults to collect Schleich? We have a lot of customers that are adults and most of them collect our beautiful horses or the Smurfs.

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