Engino Toy System – a construction system like no other

ENGINO Toy System is perhaps the most advanced and versatile three dimensional construction toy in the market today, offering unique opportunities for creation for both children and adults.

The toy allows for connectivity for up to six sides simultaneously due to a system of multi-faceted rods and connectors that share some unique geometrical features, like the ability to extend in any direction and at any angle. Children can build simple or complex models using a very low number of different components and a much lower quantity of parts.

With the starter kits (Inventor Basic) designed for five to 12-year-olds, they progress into more complex kits (Inventor Pro) that are for 7-year-olds to teens. There are motorised and non-motorised models, and some are powered by solar.

If you’re considering entering the exciting world of Engino check out the video below. It is 7 minutes long, but worth the watch.

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