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Festive opening hours for in-store and online

Entropy Elves Christmas Party Dress-Up

While we like nothing better than beavering away in Santa’s Workshop, the Elves are taking an annual break to put up their (little) feet. Here are our opening times for our Townsville store and online deliveries.

Hyde Park Store, Townsville
Wednesday, December 25 – closed
Thursday, December 26 – closed
Friday, December 27 – closed
Saturday, December 28 – closed
Sunday, December 29 – closed
Monday, December 30 – open
Tuesday, December 31 – open (close 3pm)
Wednesday, January 1 – closed
Thursday, January 2 – open

Online Store,
Wednesday, December 25 – no deliveries
Thursday, December 26 – no deliveries
Friday, December 27 – orders under 5kg
Saturday, December 28 – no deliveries
Sunday, December 29 – no deliveries
Monday, December 30 – usual dispatch
Tuesday, December 31 – usual dispatch
Wednesday, January 1 – no deliveries
Thursday, January 2 – usual dispatch

Hours then resume as normal (9am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday for the retail store and Monday to Friday for processing orders for the online store).

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year – the stuff that childhood memories are made of!

What’s under the Entropy Elves’ Christmas trees?

With only two weeks till the Best Day of the Year, we asked some of the Entropy Elves what their top picks were for Christmas (if they really, really, really had to choose… yes, it was exceptionally hard!).


Elf Gab: Ragtales range

“I love Ragtales – everything is just SO cute! You just want to cuddle it! This range is also really affordable and well-packaged, so it makes a great gift for Christmas.”

Elf Gab's Favourite Christmas Toy

Princess & the Pea2  Ragtales Ragtag Bear Ragtales Maisie Rag Doll Tooth Fairy Princess (1)_web



Elf Michi: Haba dolls

Haba’s dolls have such beautiful characters. They are cuddly, colourful, playful, and always look so happy! I also love the level of detail on them.”

Elf Michi's Favourite Christmas Toy

Mali Phillipa Sihu



Elf Jade: Pumponator Water Balloon Station

“The Pumponator is a fantastic summer toy and a great quick solution for families wanting to have some outdoor fun. All they need to do is fill the balloons with water and they’re ready to go. I think it’s awesome.”

Elf Jade's Favourite Christmas Toy Pumponator Pumponator2



Elf Bec: Dobbin & Drum Mellow-Sounding Kids’ Drums

“Christmas Day is all about noise, but the great thing about these drums is that they make a very parent-friendly sound. They are festive, fun, bright, colourful and have proven very popular this year.”

Elf Bec's Favourite Christmas Toy

Dobbin & Drum patterned Dobbin & Drum solid colour



Chief Poobah Deb: Grimm’s Rainbow Elements Stacker

“I love a story behind a product, and the Grimm’s Rainbow Elements Stacker has this, but so much more. This wooden toy is made in Germany and coloured with non-toxic water-based dye, but – as well as looking fantastic – I love it because it’s ideal for open-ended play. Children can construct anything they can imagine with it; use it as a tunnel, seesaw, or fence; and it is also great for decorative purposes. I also really like the symbolism of the rainbow. It’s a great Christmas gift because it will last forever and the possibilities are endless.”

Chief Poobah Deb's Favourite Christmas Toy

Grimms Rainbow Elements Stacker Medium Grimms Rainbow Elements Stacker Medium2




Elf Michelle: Janod Chic French Kitchen Cooker Stove

“Great for little pretend chefs! What I really like about the Janod Chic French range in particular is that it looks gorgeous and it’s so easy to add to it (with the Grocery Shop, Bakery Shop, Greengrocer Set, Supermarket and Breakfast Set). I also love that it comes with the accessories so it’s ready for imaginative play right away.”

Elf Michelle's Favourite Christmas Toy

Janod Chic French Stove Janod Chic French Stove Janod Chic French Stove





Elf Carly: Le Toy Van Buccaneer’s Pirate Fort

“I love pretend play toys and I think this pirate fort is a particularly good choice for Christmas as I can just imagine the lucky little one unwrapping it, excitedly putting it together with Mum and Dad and spending the rest of the day (weeks and months) playing pirates with all the different interactive elements of this pirate prision. I particularly love the secret trap door that swings open and shut and the functional cargo winch – so much fun to be had! Plus relatives can chip in with pirate figurines and other piratey goodness like a ship or treasure.”

Elf Carly's Favourite Christmas Toy

Le Toy Van Bucaneer Pirate Fort Le Toy Van Bucaneer Pirate Fort Le Toy Van Bucaneer Pirate Fort







Still stuck for ideas? See our Gift Guide 2013 and Christmas Catalogue 2013.




Outdoor toy sales soar as parents balance traditional with techy

TRADITONAL toy store Entropy is seeing outdoor and active toys fly out the door as parents look for family-friendly activities to do this Christmas.

With more than 4,500 products online and a retail store at the Hyde Park Centre in Townsville, Entropy director Deborah Latouf said trading was up on this time last year and the main movers were active and outdoor toys.

Junior Quoits

Quoits make a great game for the backyard or beach

Windspeed Jelly Fish Kite

This Windspeed Jellyfish Kite is great for little ones


“I’m always pleased when these traditional and active toys perform solidly at Christmas, but this year we’ve particularly noticed a trend with Micro Scooters, seesaws, space hoppers, quoits, pogo sticks and kites flying out the door,” Dr Latouf said, who also has a PhD in motor development.

“People are looking for an affordable activity the whole family can enjoy on Christmas Day itself and to take away on holidays when they go camping or to the beach. It’s all about creating those childhood memories that they’ll look back on and thank you for.”

Dr Latouf said that while children had also been asking Santa for mobiles, tablets, games and other electronic gadgets, it was all about offering a balance.

“Technology is great, but it’s also important to get kids away from the screens and outside getting active, developing motor skills and coordination, socialising, and discovering the world,” Dr Latouf said.

“It’s great to see that parents are balancing the tech gadgets with traditional toys through the choices of presents they are giving their children.”

For more outdoor toy ideas visit Entropy’s website.

Micro Scooters in action! Credit: Cheeky Monkey Photography

Micro Scooters in action! Credit: Cheeky Monkey Photography

Piccolo-sized for portability, with big helpings of fun!

The Entropy Elves caught up with Tiger Tribe’s Melbourne-based founders – Anthony and Naomi Green – about keeping kids occupied when travelling. Tiger Tribe recently launched the Piccolo range: colourful and affordable activity sets for children on the go.

Tiger Tribe Piccolo Range

Tiger Tribe is well-known for its great range of travel toys – why have you focused on this area in particular? As busy parents who work and travel with kids in tow, we recognised a shortage in the market of non-licensed engaging children’s activity sets that were both compact and portable. We wanted to create exciting and appealing products that were ideal for parents and kids on the go – from the backseat to the airport; cafés, and everything in-between.

What makes a good toy or activity to take travelling? A good travel activity must be compact and portable and, most importantly, ensure lengthy play time. When activities are open-ended and imaginative, it opens up a world of infinite play possibilities that inspire and delight children.

How did the new Piccolo range come about? The Piccolo range was a very natural progression from our current travel-friendly products. We wanted an extension of our activity sets, but smaller versions at a lower price point… we wanted to offer value. Our colouring sets, for instance, contain reusable stickers, colourful markers and a notepad all in one pack to ensure kids have everything they need, all in one clever set.

Tiger Tribe Piccolo Stickers & Magnet Sets

Tiger Tribe Piccolo sticker and magnet books

What do you think parents and kids particularly love about the range? It’s beautifully illustrated and well-packaged and has enormous value in terms of price and play. The Piccolo magnet and sticker books can be used over-and-over again with different outcomes each time – they are limited only by children’s imaginations!

Do you have any personal favourites? Our personal favourite would be the Piccolo Magnet Book – Animal Jumble. The gorgeous meerkat reading the newspaper was inspired by the fab advertising campaign ‘Compare the Market’ [which features a high-brow talking Meerkat].

Magnet Book Animal Jumble Magnet Book Animal Jumble










As the proud parents of two; what are your top tips for travelling with kids (at least yours aren’t short of fun activities!)? Yes, fun activities are definitely a must; plus a bunch of good books! But – equally as important – feed them BEFORE they get on the plane! Pack some good snacks as well.

What’s on the cards for Tiger Tribe now? Due to the great response we have had to the Piccolo range, we are creating a bunch of lovely new titles in the mini books and colouring sets. Stay tuned!

Watch the Making of Tiger Tribe’s 2014 Catalogue below:

Find more from Tiger Tribe’s range on our website.