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January’s Top 5 Toys

Our top picks for the month are revealed below (cue drum roll…). These special toys are popular throughout the whole year, but have been particularly great performers of-late, bringing lots of joy to their new owners. Find out why…

Cherry Tree Hall

You’ve seen dolls’ houses, but this is an abode to remember. The largest doll house Le Toy Van has ever produced; Cherry Tree Hall is a grand 92cm high, four-story mansion. The internal walls of each room are decorated differently, plus the palatial home has beautiful windows with functioning shutters – really, everything a discerning doll needs.



Djeco Pop-Up Castle

This home for knights, princesses and dragons is a lovely imaginative play toy from Djeco. The sturdy 3D medieval castle is easy to assemble and beautifully-decorated and detailed. Its 15 cardboard pieces slot together to produce a fortress that’s fit for a king! It’s compatible with Papo figurines.



Haba Ball Track Marble Run

This marble run system from Haba of Germany is all about versatility and play value. With 42 carefully-crafted wooden pieces, just think of the myriad of magical creations that can be fabricated to challenge and stimulate young minds. This ball track system is also compatible with all Haba blocks, meaning the possibilities for play really are endless.


Nutcase Helmets

The award-winning Nutcase Helmets provide a high level of head protection for the great outdoors and meet all relevant safety standards. Mum and Dad can rest assured that whether their little nutcase is biking, scooting, rollerblading or even unicycling, that their precious brains are protected (with minimal nagging involved).


Mini Micro Scooters

With three wheels, a lean and steer action and low ground clearance; the Mini Micro Scooter is the ultimate ride-on toy for children aged two and over (max load is 35kg). This cool ride is easy to manoeuvre and makes walks with the family that much more fun (no more complaining about legs hurting!).


I love my… Mini Micro Scooter

Katrina Archibald recently invested in a Mini Micro Scooter for her two-year-old daughter Matehya (and has a Mini Micro Scooter bag and Scoot and Pull Strap on the way!).

“My little two-and-a-bit-year-old daughter LOVES the Mini Micro Scooter I got from you. She has been in love with it from the moment she saw it, talked about it non-stop for days and has asked to use it every day since she got it. She even rides it in the house when we’re unable to go out for our scooter rides! She hopped on and could ride it basically straight away and is scooting along really well now. People look at her and are amused to see such a little person doing so well on a scooter. It has been a gift to me as well as I’m finally able to get a workout myself when she’s getting her exercise – she gets up enough speed for me to walk quickly or even jog along beside her! She’s sleeping better as a result of the exercise, so I’m really loving the scooter… I think it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever got her.”

In focus: Thinkfun’s Rush Hour game

The Dixon family love Rush Hour. Heather’s three sons – Sam (8), Jake (6) and Cameron (3) play the game together; working as a trio to find a solution. Heather says they considered getting the junior version of the multi-level game, but with eldest Sam’s help the brothers can complete most of the challenges.

“They love the fact that it’s the adult version as they feel pretty good about completing the levels – occasionally they’ll bring it to me for help, but it’s nice to see them all working together and not arguing and bickering! I love them doing something that challenges their brains too. The great thing about this game is there are four levels of play – beginner to expert – so it suits kids across several ages. We always take it in the car when we head off on holidays and it’s handy that everything just fits back into the yellow storage bag. (Pauses…) What do you think of it boys? ‘It’s fun’ – I guess that why they are always playing it!”

Thinkfun’s Rush Hour is $34.95 (for ages 8+). There is also a Junior Rush Hour version for the same price (from 6-8 years).

My First Job… Our Chief Poobah reveals all in the Townsville Eye…

Believe it or not, Deborah Latouf – Entropy’s owner and Chief Poobah – hasn’t always been surrounded by beautiful, educational and traditional toys. She used to travel all over the world as a sports scientist with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and – way before that – she was a checkout chick at Coles. You could say that she knows a thing or two about the importance of good customer service! Today she was featured in the Townsville Eye magazine amongst other Townsville identities about the first work they did for a crust.