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Ode to the Outdoors

Remember hitting the ball or playing hopscotch out on the street with the neighbours when you were a kid? Or maybe getting engrossed in elastics in the schoolyard and scaling trees with your siblings (or, if you were really lucky, having tea parties with teddy in the tree house)? Well, research* has confirmed that only a third of children play outside these days, compared to 72 per cent of their parents. Moreover, only 24 per cent of children play on the street, and only a fifth climb trees. At Entropy – the home of toys that encourage mental and physical activity – I’m afraid we just won’t stand for that. Here are our top picks to encourage little ones to bust into the big, wide outdoors and create memories they’ll look back on in years to come with a fond smile (something that you’d be hard-pressed to get from a video game or DVD)…
1. Djeco Hopscotch Set
2. Eeboo Sidewalk Games (this traditional set includes games such as Hopscotch, Skelly, London Calling and more – hours of street fun!)
3. YO2 Gem Yo-Yo
4. Foam Cricket Set
5. Janod Rabbit Skipping Rope
6. Quoits
7. Vilac Elastic Game
8. Moulin Roty Bird Call Whistle
9. Orbit Jackhammer Pogo Stick
10. Micador Jumbo Chalk

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*Statistics are from the report Climbing Trees: Getting Aussie Kids Back Outside

Entropy Elf Bec loves her dolls

We asked our elves what their favourite toys were growing up. This is what Elf Bec had to say about 26-year-old Susie (pictured with Bec and her new favourite doll Baby Valentine from Corolle):

“Susie came everywhere with me when I was little – she is still wearing a hospital wrist band from when she came into surgery with me, and I remember her getting thrown out of the car window once… I cried until Mum went back to get her! I loved dolls, but Susie was always my favourite. She’s not very attractive these days compared to modern dolls, but she was the perfect companion. My brother still teases me about her today – especially as she is wearing the dress I put her in about 20 years ago, which is a bit worse for wear now! My pick of the dolls now would be Baby Valentine from Corolle. She is 36cm and – like Susie – she has soft body and vinyl limbs so she’s durable, but she smells really good too (unlike Susie!). I think it’s important you identify with the way a doll looks – what she is wearing, her hair colour and even her name can all be deciding factors. Baby Valentine has beautiful soft blue sleeping eyes and I love her matching headband. When you pick the right doll, she will definitely be treasured for a lifetime.”

Click here to find Baby Valentine and other beautiful dolls at Entropy.