Monthly Archives: May 2012

New store update – Tuesday 29th May

Here is the new store starting to take shape. The shelves are being stocked, carpet is being laid today, and the elves are buzzing. We’ve also added some pics of what is happening behind the wall, so you can get an idea of just how much unpacking is involved. We are at least able to find most things now!


New store update – Wednesday 23rd May

Now these colours look familiar don’t they? The painters are creating our trademark entropy angles in red, blue and green. Have also included a pic of the elves out the back in the Domain warehouse on our last day there. Yes, they are empty shelves in the background as the packers from Wridgeways are here.

New store update – Monday 21st May

We know the photos don’t look like much has happened; but really, truly ruly, the guys have been working hard in there. The wall has gone up that will separate the retail store from the warehouse/dispatch area. The first pic is the retail store – you can see a dogleg in the wall – the back left corner is where the play area will be in the store. The second pic shows the huge area behind the wall where the backroom elves can do their stuff. And yes, you can see suppliers have started to deliver to the new store, as that is a pile of boxes in the back left corner. More pics later today, as the painter starts.

Our new store!

This is what a brand spanking new store looks like before it is fitted out! We are moving to the Hyde Park Centre on Woolcock Street and will open in the last week of May. We’ll add new pics as the work progresses.

As seen in Shop 4 Kids

We love our Edtoy Transformobile vehicles; so it was lovely to see them featured in the latest issue of Shop4 Kids. They are designed to allow children to hone their creativity by combining and taking apart various pieces to create many different types of vehicle. The bulldozer can pull apart to create different mini vehicles.

New Sylvanian Families

We’re pleased to add to our range of Sylvanian Families. All the latest releases are now available in Australia, including the popular Family Saloon Car now in a red colour way;  and several additions to the food range – a hamburger restaurant, popcorn cart and ice cream van. There are also a number of new families – honey fox, cottontail rabbit, white mouse, kangaroo (how super to see an Aussie theme) and our favourite – the cute little monkey family.