Monthly Archives: August 2011

Can you keep a secret??

The elves are busy as usual around here. I thought I would let you in on something we are working on at the moment which we think (and hope) will be popular. We are creating ‘themed’ gift bags that will make buying a present even easier. There are around 40 themes – for example; princess, mermaid, fairies for girls, and robot, monster, pirate for boys. Each gift bag contains between 3 and 5 items around this theme, and suitable for a particular age group. We gift package all the goodies up in a reusable cloth bag and decorate it with a gorgeous Entropy ribbon. Voilá, your present for a loved one is sorted. These gift bags will retail for between $69.95 and $89.95. We are busy getting photographs done at the moment, and expect to have them ready in the next few weeks.