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Woohoo – we’ve made the finals in three categories of the AusMumpreneur Awards

How awesome – Entropy has made the final in three categories of the Bio-Oil AusMumpreneur awards. As Chief Poobah I am super pleased to have made the final of the judged category for Rising Star of the Year. This is for mumpreneurs that have been in business for between 2 and 5 years. It’s a really competitive category and I am thrilled to have made the final, up against some awesomely talented mums. I’ve got a phone interview next week with the lovely judges from Connect to Aussie Mums.

Entropy has made the final in two categories of the People’s choice awards – for best customer service and best boutique. This is voted on by you people of the public, and we would really appreciate your vote. It’s easy to vote – you just have to become a member of the Connect to Aussie Mums community (which is free), then follow the links to the People’s Choice awards, then click ‘like’ underneath our photo.

Thanks so much


Finding your niche in the market

I’m often asked in store how we manage to compete with the two majors. The reality is that we can’t, but more importantly, we don’t. This is because precious few items we stock can be found in the majors. Now is a good time of the year to look at this in a bit more detail, as the majors all have their mid year catalogue sales. I’ve looked through all four of the majors’ catalogues online, and in all those pages of specials, there is only one solitary item that we also sell. We have around 3500 items in store, so that leaves plenty of scope for choosing outside the mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some good value products in these catalogues. If you are looking at a sturdy outdoor play set then this is definitely the time of year to buy. However, there are also some less than attractive things on offer. For example, for the life of me I cannot see the attraction in these ‘dolls’.

I think a young girl would get much more pleasure from the stunning Les Cheries range from Corolle. What do you think?