Monthly Archives: June 2011

The power of marketing on a six year old

I was reminded today of how perceptive and readily influenced children are. Master 6 said to me – “Mummy, there was a commercial on TV this morning that didn’t tell the truth”. By way of background, my children watch very little TV, but given that it is school holidays at the moment, I cut them a little slack. Turns out he was watching one of the kids’ channels and there was an advertisement for some new beaut commercial toy. “You know Mummy; at the end of the commercial it said that it was available at all good toy stores. That’s not true Mummy, because we don’t have it in our shop”. Ah, how sweet of him to realise. Given; he has grown up exposed to good quality toys his whole life; and knows the difference between a plastic throwaway and a keep forever toy. But even at the tender age of 6 he was astute enough to pick up the marketing ploys companies use with children.

It’s a juggle this week with school holidays; but there has still been time to unpack plenty of new products in store (the junior elves have all been in working hard). I am super pleased to finally be able to bring you the B. range. I know, it looks like I made a typo; but this range from Battat is really called B. (b dot). B. is a toy gift range which looks a little different, with packaging that is a little different. They make toys which inspire individuality. They use colours which are unexpected. They like to surprise by using intriguing patterns, inspired die cuts, easy to use, try-me windows; and beautiful reusable bags with rubbery moulded handles. These products are earth friendly, with every item scrutinised to minimise its environmental impact. B. source recycled materials, and create reusable bags. The inks are soy based, and the varnishes water based.

Many of the toys in the B. range are already gift packaged, and most come with gift cards attached. My favourites are the super bristle block sets, Spinaroos and Stackadoos. The soft blocks are so squeezable; they come in a number set (one two squeeze) and an alphabet set (elemenosqueeze). The other two items I just have to mention are Pop Arty and Parum Pum Pum. I have not seen anything similar to Pop Arty before. It is snap together jewellery that you can pull apart and build however you want. The pieces are very stylish and in great colours. It would be great as an older girl’s birthday party activity. Parum pum pum is gorgeous and quirky music set for young marching band fans. Everything stores in the drum, you’ll love it!

A makeover, mid year catalogue and new Janod

Phew, what a busy time the elves have had at Entropy lately. You can see that we have just had a website ‘makeover’. We have modernised the look of the site; but more importantly we have added loads of new functionality. We are particularly proud of our new ‘gift finder’ application. We have had this custom made and gone through and categorized every one of our 3000 products in it. This means you can now search by ‘theme’ (such as pirates, fairies, robots etc), price, age and sex. You can narrow your search over and over again, so you can find just the right gift for that special person.

We have also added country of design and country of manufacture to each product. This information is contained on the product page. There are three tabs – product details, more info, and reviews. We are still building the product review capacity, and this will be ready very soon. We’ve also increased the size of our product images and freshened up the whole look of the site. Please tell us what you think of it. If there is any added functionality you would like please let us know.

This week we also launched our mid year catalogue, with loads of specials. There are Melissa and Doug classic toys, toddler selections, craft, sports and outdoor; plus science and games. There really is something for everyone.

There are also plenty of new products which we will profile over the next few weeks. We are really loving the new ‘Chic’ range from Janod, with a cooker, grocery shop, patisserie and greengrocer set. The Janod mint scooter balance bike is also one of our new favourites.